Deconstruction - past events

Holiday hacking with the Giving Lab

For the 3rd event for 2012 we are teaming up with the Giving lab to host #WE♥APi's

Its good old fashioned dev4good stuff, a whole weekend with no platforms, just you, your ideas and your skills building projects focusing on innovating fundraising for charities! The giving Lab hack days want to bring together passionated people with a variety of skills in coding, business ideas, marketing and design to create radically new ways of giving, based on charity API's.

Aiming to deliver 5 launched ideas at the end of the year, we hope you will help us stretch these hack days weekends ideas into creative wildcards. The winner from every hackathon will receive support and
mentorship to finalize and launch the deploy that has glory written all over them. autumns Hackdays with differerent collaborators:

November 24+25th the in collaboration with Dev4Good at Google Campus with space for 130 participants, with the theme “We♥APi’s”. Lunch will be provided by Eventbrite. Sign up link.



They have 2 other fantastic events happening around the UK, building up the big one in November!

October 13+14th in collaboration with at General Assembly in London, an all lady charity hack for 60 participants.Lunch will be provided by Eventbrite. Sign up link.

November 17+18th in collaboration with TIGA at Birmingham University (Midlands), carrying the “Games for Good” theme, 80 people. Sign up Link.


Thanks to everyone who came along and helped make a difference last year!


Dev4good takes on Windows 8

We’re running a second dev4good in 2012 event in collaboration with and this year to bring together talented thinkers, designers and coders from around the UK to work on some real-world issues faced by UK charities. The technology theme for the event is Windows 8, but no prior knowledge of Windows 8 app development is required.

Microsoft will present Windows 8 Developer Overview, showing us the technical perspective. Seren will be next up talking about how to design a great experience on Windows 8. (Full details of these sessions will follow shortly.), will be sharing charity projects, apps and experiences they’d like inspire you with and sharing learnings from their first tech experiment We may even work on one of your own ideas – if you’ve got one.

Our goals for the weekend are simple. We want to learn how to create Windows 8 apps that could change the way people live their lives – and then we’re going to spend the rest of the time doing it!

If you are a software developer (on any platform), designer, computing student, or are just interested in help out – then we need you. It’s going to be a real challenge – and sleep will be optional. Are you up for it? If you are, then dont forget to;

Eventbrite - Windows 8 Code Weekend - dev4good

Remember, this is a not-for-profit event being run by volunteers, so you won’t be paid for the work you do. You will, however, get to meet and work with some of the smartest developers and designers in the UK – all while doing some real good for society.

We’re also looking for sponsorship for this event, so please contact us if you believe you can help in any way.

If you are a UK charity or a community based organisation, then have a look at what we could do for you or contact us directly. Thank you.

Remember to download our windows 8 lock in poster, you can put it up in your office, email it to your friends, pin it to your t-shirt, we dont care. But do tell everyone about the coolest windows 8 event this year!

Mozilla meets Dev4good

The 2012 event was awesome, we had 30 volunteers working on 4 charity seeded projects and 2 days later we have 4 mvp's with one live on the net right now.

A massive thanks to all of our sponsors and the amazing people who gave up their weekend to come along and work on what are life chaning projects.

As they come in we will link to all of the post event blogs, galleries and comments here, if you have anything to share please email








We are grateful for the support of Mozilla Foundation in helping
us out with what could be the coolest place to write code in;

There is space for everyone!



We will be hacking over the 7/8th of July, registration is open!