why should I attend

Ever wanted to actually make a difference?

Now is your chance, you will get a chance to work directly with some leading UK charities and some of the smartest developers in the UK.
The event is driven by the work you do in the teams you build, you decide who you hang with and how much sleep you get.

How fast is fast?

The weekend is designed to be fast paced, ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ environment for development, there will be +/- 48hrs of solid development time.

No-one has an idea what the requirements/problems are until Friday evening when the charities fill us in, 2 days later each solution is pitched to the judges.

Think ‘explosive development’, agile was so last season.

Teamwork = prizes

All completed solutions (needs to be a viable product http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minimum_viable_product) will be judged by on Sunday and the winning team will get a load of swag from our sponsors and possibly some cash to continue the project with the charity.

You get to code, hack, chat, socialise, chill, whatever – its your event


Whether you are looking to learn new skills, looking to expand your CV or just want to meet some of these folk you follow around the internet (all while doing some good) then dev4good  is a great place to do it.